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  • Does Entangle have access to users’ messages?

    Messages outside users’ device are impossible to decipher. Entangle provides the communication infrastructure (servers and software) necessary for message exchange, and we handle encrypted messages on our servers, but we don't have access to plaintext messages.

  • Where are the encryption keys stored?

    Encryption keys are exclusively stored on users' devices. This way, we ensure that nobody from the outside has access to them. Besides that, Entangle devices have no connections to the outside world – no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. The only way a third party could obtain a user's encryption key is by gaining physical access to the Entangle device.

  • Can I use Entangle for calls and data file transfers?

    Currently, Entangle devices only provide secure text message exchange, but voice communication and data transfer functionalities are in development. We suggest that you subscribe to our newsletter so that we can inform you when these functionalities are launched.

  • What languages are supported on Entangle devices?

    Currently, only English. French, Spanish, and German are in development. Other languages can be implemented upon request.