Dedicated to keeping your confidential communication safe

The team

  • Girts Kronbergs

    Co-founder. With a pragmatic approach to complex technology development processes, Girts Kronbergs moves the company towards building industry-changing innovations.

  • Maris Kronbergs

    Co-founder. A visionary technology developer with extensive experience in hardware and software development. He’s the mind behind Entangle’s disruptive technology.

  • Our partners
    Engineers and field experts

    A team of 10+ experienced professionals in areas such as engineering, front & back-end programming, legal, design, and marketing.

  • The Ministry of Defense of Latvia
    Grant provider

    Entangle has received a Defence Innovation Grant from Latvian MoD for the development of the secure communication system prototype.

  • Riga Technical University
    Academic research partner

    Entangle closely collaborates with Riga Technical University to provide the scientific foundations for the True Random Number Generator (TRNG) before offering it to the general market.

  • Investment and Development Agency of Latvia
    Government support

    Entangle is backed by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) and has received financial support for technology research and for participation in fairs and conferences.

About Entangle

We’re on a mission to give you the confidence and freedom to communicate privately with anyone in the world. Information is the modern-day currency, and our aim is to help you protect it.

Today’s rapid technology development inevitably brings new threats to information security and privacy. Every year, businesses and governments deal with massive cyberattacks and data leaks, which just goes to show that standard encryption, software, and hardware solutions are vulnerable.

  • 2.9B

    smartphone users worldwide
  • 8.5%

    of mobile apps have “backdoor secrets” for hackers
  • 41%

    of companies have 1000+ sensitive files available to everyone

Entangle timeline

  • Coming soon

    Finalization of a fully functioning, ready-to-market hardware and order fulfillment.

  • In process

    Development and testing of the MVP version of the Entangle secure communication system, supported by a financial grant from the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia.

  • Completed, Sep 2020

    Stage 2 academic research on the Entangle hardware True Random Number Generator (TRNG) and development of the TRNG chip in collaboration with Riga Technical University (Latvia).

  • October, 2019

    Finalization of stage 1 academic research on the Entangle hardware True Random Number Generator (TRNG) in collaboration with Riga Technical University (Latvia).

  • September, 2019

    Entangle is recognized as a dual-use product according to EU Council Regulation No 428/2009 and suited for both civil and military purposes.

  • August, 2019

    A working communication device prototype Beta. Entangle can be connected to a smartphone so that messages can be composed on the device and sent via standard mobile networks.

  • March, 2019

    Proof-of-Concept prototype. Successful implementation of LightGap™, message input, and hardware architecture.

  • 2017-2019

    Product ideation and initial hardware development.


  • Does Entangle have access to users’ messages?

    Messages outside users’ device are impossible to decipher. Entangle provides the communication infrastructure (servers and software) necessary for message exchange, and we handle encrypted messages on our servers, but we don't have access to plaintext messages.

  • Where are the encryption keys stored?

    Encryption keys are exclusively stored on users' devices. This way, we ensure that nobody from the outside has access to them. Besides that, Entangle devices have no connections to the outside world – no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. The only way a third party could obtain a user's encryption key is by gaining physical access to the Entangle device.

  • Can I use Entangle for calls and data file transfers?

    Currently, Entangle devices only provide secure text message exchange, but voice communication and data transfer functionalities are in development. We suggest that you subscribe to our newsletter so that we can inform you when these functionalities are launched.

  • What languages are supported on Entangle devices?

    Currently, only English. French, Spanish, and German are in development. Other languages can be implemented upon request.