Entangle TRNG generator research project completed.

RTU and Entangle

September 2020, Entangle is very excited to finish research of our hardware True Random Number Generator (TRNG) in collaboration with Riga Technical University Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, Latvia.
Main goals achieved:

- physical sources and properties of signal analyzed;
- most optimal hardware architecture researched;
- RaBiGeTe, Dieharder, NIST SP 800-22 tests successfully passed.

Entangle TRNG generator has the simplest architecture, it is very affordable, and the research results allow us to move forward with Entangle TRNG generator’s integration in Entangle Secure Communication System.
Many thanks to experts at Riga Technical University Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications and looking forward for future joint research activities.

Contasct us at info@entangle.tech for more information.