Entangle SDE System

Ultra-secure mobile data exchange solution.

Unmatched security

Existing communication solutions have many possible attack vectors, and they use computational security which will be rendered ineffective once quantum computing and specialized artificial intelligence (AI) models become available. New innovative, high security, future-proof protection is required and Entangle has developed the ultimate tool.

Building on the foundation of Entangle Secure communication system, we have advanced the application possibilities of our technology. Entangle SDE Secure Data Exchange System is a unique anti-eavesdropping hardware and software solution which creates a high security quantum-resistant encrypted communication channel for critical infrastructure. It is ultra-secure, globally scalable, and employs quantum key distribution (QKD) level data encryption security but without the usability limitations of QKD. Entangle is making One Time Pad (OTP) – the only truly unbreakable encryption technique in the world – usable on the existing mobile communications infrastructure worldwide. Secure your IIoT, IT/OT industrial networks, and business communications with Entangle.

Due to the high pace of overall technology development and ever-increasing cyber attacks, organizations must employ the most sophisticated solutions to protect their assets. Entangle SDE System is the ultimate solution in areas of highest security and mobility requirements. With our innovative secure encryption key management technology, custom built hardware and software, Entangle is creating a new ecosystem of ultra-secure communications on top of the existing mobile infrastructure.

Entangle SDE System allows to use existing mobile communications networks to connect, manage, and control the IT/OT infrastructure securely. Because Entangle SDE System employs OTP encryption, the end user does not have to be concerned about the security of the communications network. OTP is mathematically proven unbreakable and quantum-resistant. It is a unique opportunity to create secure two-way connections between elements of industrial IoT without the need to secure the network itself.

Entangle SDE System brings new unprecedented freedom and security for remote work – it is no longer necessary to organize in-person meetings to exchange confidential data. With Entangle SDE System encrypted data exchange is made unbreakable and mobile. Nobody from outside can access the unencrypted information – not even the service provider.

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