Entangle random signal generator publication on IEEE Xplore.

The scientific publication based on research conducted by Entangle and scientists at Riga Technical University is published and available on IEEE Xplore database: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9245031

The publication contains research data on simple logic gate-based random signal generator developed by Entangle and further researched in collaboration with experts at Riga Technical University. In this publication signal generation mechanisms are discussed, power supply impact on the performance of random signal generation is experimentally studied, statistical properties of the generated signal are described, and practical application possibilities of the proposed generator are presented.

Immense work has been done, practically applicable results have been achieved, and conclusions have been obtained. Entangle is grateful to experts at Riga Technical University Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications for the hard work done and results achieved, and to Ministry of Defence of Republic of Latvia with the Grant funding program that made the research possible.

Our work shows that further research on modelling and describing the processes happening inside the generator is necessary to provide the theoretical background for in quantum mechanics-based signal generation model. Entangle welcomes experts interested in this specific field to express their views and ideas for possible future research opportunities. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact us by mail: info@entangle.tech